Acne and Acne Scarring - Fraxel

  • Breath_of_Aria
  • 1 year ago

Hi everyone,   I really appreciate any advise from your experiences and/or knowledge regarding Fraxel, silkpeels....I have minimal-moderate acne around my chin right now and have had severe acne on and off for the past 10 years.  This resulted in a lot of small to large scars mainly from cystic all over my face.     Recently I got a consultation in Toronto from Glow MediSpa that quoted me around $3800 for 3 peels getting rid of all the acne first, then alternating sets of 4 silkpeels and 6 fraxel duals.  They mentioned that the sessions would be gentle that's why there are so many and it is advised by the doctor to treat mildly on asian skin which are prone to hyper pigmentation.  This would happen over the course of 9 months.  There was a fraxel expertise who gave me the consultation, she was amazing, and she would show the dr. my profile to recommend an appropriate treatment.  I am very interested in starting my treatments with them but I want to do more research and also see what they say about my request for multiple payments instead of paying $3800 upfront.  I was very honest with my interest in the treatment but is concerned about the cost.  Although I can afford it, I feel that paying that much all at once would stress me out and would prefer 3 separate payments.  Apparently multiple payments isn't something that they do but is willing to look into.  I was told that I would hear a response by tonight (2 days) but I have not.  I also called the receptionist who thought was very nice and has been answering all my calls, today she was unreachable.  This situation makes me feel uncomfortable.   I would like to know if this series of treatments sounds reasonable, how your experiences have been with fraxel/ silk peel, does the price sound reasonable, and if you live in the Toronto area - have you been to this MediSpa?  Feel free to recommend other places in the GTA.     Any comments is appreciated!!   Sincerely, Aria

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