Accutane: Molly Sims Shares Her Story About Her Struggle With Cystic Acne.

  • 3 months ago

Cystic Acne can be a battle to deal with at any age. 41 year old model and actress Molly Sims openly shares her struggle with Cystic acne:

"I'll admit I'm beyond blessed on every level, with access to the best skin creams and treatments that should by all (marketing) accounts have the power to conquer my troublesome skin-care issue.

And, yet, my acne lingers. I still sometimes wake up in the morning with a feeling of dread that I imagine many teenagers who deal with the same issue experience before prom or senior-picture day. Has the volcano on my face come back? I often get out of bed wondering.And, if so, where has he decided to set up camp this time? (I call my acne a "him" because I think of it as a mean ex-boyfriend who always resurfaces at the precise moment I'm about to be completely over him.)"

So what's up with acne, what causes it? Doctor Whitney Bowe  discusses the effects of diet and acne.

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Source: Refinery 29