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Accutane French Method (3 times per week, 40mg pill)

  • ilovecandy
  • los angeles, ca
  • 11 months ago

Hello, my daughter is 15 years old and her dermotologist suggested putting her on accutane low dosage. He told us that it's called the French method/treatment. She will take 40mg pill on Mon/Wed/Fri only and it might take a little longer but will prevent from bad side effects. Any input would be grealy appreciated

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I noticed you posted this question in the Q&A section as well, and I'm glad you did. I wasn't aware of the French Method, so I appreciate you bringing this info to the community! 

How is your daughter doing with her treatment?

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Hello, So far so good. She didn't have any breakouts after starting. Face really cleared up, still some acne around the jaw area. Skin is not so dry, lips a managable, not as bad as we thought. Tomorrow we are taking a first blood test, so hopefully it will come out ok. The Dr told me that in 30-35 years that he's been doing it this way he didn't have 1 patient who experienced typical Accutane side effects.
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Wow, that is great to hear. Did he happen to mention if the patients saw as good of results over the longterm?

Hoping all goes great with the blood work tomorrow!

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I didn't ask, but he said that the process is a little longer since its only 3 times a week, one time a day
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Yeah, that makes sense. Ok, well please keep us posted how things are going. I'm very interested to hear how it works out - sounds good so far! :)

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will do , Thanks!
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