Re-absorption of Fat?

  • Dee86
  • Dearborn, MI
  • 2 years ago

I have been reading the site and doing other research, and one downside that many people have mentioned is the re-absorption of fat into the body. Since this is your own fat cells, I guess it makes sense that your results may diminish over time, but exactly how much are we talking about? How much fat do you need, in terms of pounds? (I have no point of reference for what "cc" means or how much 300 ccs are). 

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Hi Dee86 as I been researching the BBL everone talks about even drs 300 cc isnt enough fat if some will absorption it really depend on what you are looking for and how big that you want yr BBL alot of the girls get 800-900cc graft I am want at least 1200cc because of the absorption I hope that help
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