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Swelling post tummy tuck -- abnormal?

  • babyab
  • newy ork
  • 4 years ago

4 weeks ago i had a FTT (w. vert. scar) I'm getting nervous about this swell-belt that hasn't gone down at ALL. Right above my incision line, my stomach is abnormally swollen. even my dr. seemed confused saying, "yeah, i'm not sure's not typical...but i'm sure it's going to go away" (hmmm).

i know it takes at least 3-6 mths or more for most of the swelling to disappear, BUT this odd swelling (?) part has NOT budged at all in almost 5 weeks. i was much flatter there b/4 the TT!! Is normal swelling that will go away?

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tummy tuck 9 weeks old i wear the garment all day still very swollen and i cant go with my garment for more than 30min with out looking even more swollen.

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