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Abdominal swelling after Smart Lipo on flanks

  • 4 years ago

I had Smart Lipo on my flanks 4 weeks ago. Now, my stomach looks bigger than before. Is it post-op swelling? I have been wearing compression garment regularly. After two weeks, I resumed my normal exercise - I run about 12-15 miles a week.

I am 5'6" and weight 138. I eat healthily and have continued to do so after the procedure. My flanks show clear signs of improvement but my stomach looks much bigger (whereas I always had a flat stomach). I am getting a bit concerned. I would appreciate a reply.

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I had smart lipo done on my abdomen area it's been 18 months my stomach is still swollen. it gets really hard sometimes it hurts. it's looks bigger than it was. My question is will it ever go down? :(
The lower abdomen seems to take the longest for swelling to improve. Whereas the thighs and flanks improve greatly by the 2 week mark, it's been my experience that the abdominal swelling takes 4-6 weeks to improve and sometimes up to 3-4 months. I send all of my abdomen (and inner thigh and arm patients) for lymphatic massage at week one and week two. It is very gentle and opens up the lyphatic system which gets blocked in these areas leading to a faster recovery. Be sure you find someone who is certified in this treatment, as most massage therapists are not. Mine was trained in Europe and patients love the touch and the experience. Good luck. It will improve gradually over time, and hopefully you'll be pleased with the end result.
I'm happy to hear that your flanks have started showing some improvement.  Despite your stomach still looking unchanged, 4 weeks  post-op is still quite early in the healing process.  Eating healthy and exercising are all good things but ultimately it takes time to heal properly after any procedure and to see results.  It sounds like you have recovered well as you are already back to your normal routine; I would recommend being patient and giving your body at least a few more weeks to a couple of months before evaluating the results for your stomach.  Best of luck!
In the absence of fever and other symptoms, it is most likely post-op swelling.   This could also be a seroma which is a sterile fluid filled cavity that would need to be drained.  Seromas tend to show up when we do more superficial treatments.  Although they can delay healing they normally do not cause and permanent problems unless they are not drained and become encapsulated.  Your provider will be able to tell a seroma apart from swelling if a fluid wave is created when you tap on the area. If your provider determines that it is just swelling consider starting massage over the area twice a week for the next four weeks.  Go to massage therapist that is well versed in post surgical massage.  Expect that the swelling and lumpiness that is common after this procedure can take a good 3-4 months to truly resolve and the body will still be healing the area for up to a year after the procedure.  Good luck