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Am I a good candidate for a tummy tuck?

  • kikismom
  • Orlando
  • 4 years ago

Based on my picture, do you think I'm a good candidate for a tummy tuck? I'm 5'6, 140 lbs and have had 2 children. My weight has been stable for quite some time now and I'm within the acceptable weight range for my height. I would LOVE to get rid of the stretch marks and flabby gut that pregnancy caused...but do you all think that is possible from looking at my picture? Given ideal circumstances, do you think I could have good results???

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I have lost 100 lbs through diet and exercise and have been stable for about 8 months, but have alot of extra skin on my lower abdomen and the upper stomach when I bend over. I am wondering if I appear to be a good candidate, and if a TT will be able to eliviate the extra skin above the belly button as well as the hang over below. For some reason, it will not submit when I add a photo, so I have added the picture of my current stomach as my profile for review.

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