Is 650cc's too much???

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  • Brandon
  • 3 years ago

My PS wants to remove my 7yr old 325 saline implants and scar tissue from before(had complications)and put in 650 memory gel to achieve a large D. 325 before made me a small C. I have read that 650 is not commenly used. If he is removing everything inside is this the size need to be used to get a D?

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I have 375cc HP saline and went from a 36b to a 36dd (was shooting for a full D). It is crazy how the same size implant effects sizes SO differently!

I must say ... LOVE being a dd :)
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I just had 350 cc saline removed and replaced with 550 memory gel (the memory gel implants feel so much better inside my body. Never cared for the feel of saline) but I am still a small D cup. No change in bra size.
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Have you tried on sizers at your doc's office?

There are also online tools you can use to see what you'll look like with a particular size:

Hope this helps!

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I'm 5'10 and weigh true it probably won't look so big....I am just nervous about sagging or the implant being too heavy. My surgery is In 34 days!!!!! :)
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Hi there!

It totally depends on your height/weight/body frame. Some taller women with wider rib cages can get away with 650 cc's. Some smaller framed women consider it too much. Hope this helps! When is your surgery?

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