I am almost 63 and scheduled to have breast reduction and TT soon. Anybody in that age range had both? Please share. ms.

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Dear Meridian:
So glad to hear from someone in my age group. Good luck with your upcoming surgeries. I was scheduled for both last year on 6/8/11, but didn't stop smoking long enough beforehand and was positive with nicotene, so only had breast lift at age 56 with excellent results. Now this year, my TT is scheduled for 5/21/12 and I can't wait to get rid of my flabby stomach that running and exercise won't get rid of. I am going to stop smoking 3/1/12 to give myself plenty of time to get the nicotene out of my system. However, I am SO GLAD I didn't have both procedures done at the same time. My husband is a disabled Vietnam Veteran (that's why I smoke) and I thought he'd be taking care of me; instead at times, I was taking care of him and myself...not fun, but we survived. Make sure to have your post-op supplies ready (love those bags of peas), keep reading as much as possible from others who have had the procedure (you will always learn something new), have someone you can depend on to take care of you, take at least a month off work (I'm taking off 5/21/12-7/2/12), and remember to keep your pets, family and friends who like to "hug" at a distance! I wish you the very best...you will be EXTREMELY happy with the results as long as you do as your doctor tells you.
Best Wishes/God Be With You,
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Hello, I have been reading on this site for awhile now-just observing. Your question causes me to want to respond. I will be 58 in early April. I had full tummy tuck, breast reduction and MR without lipo on March 11. I have been very over weight my entire life and have lost more than 100 pounds four different times and always regained. After I became a widow, I had difficulty taking care of myself because I was too fat and out of shape to do much. I worked to lose the weight and get healthy. Imagine the loose skin. My PS removed 10 pounds of skin from my abdomen and a little over a pound from each breast. The girls are quite perky now for the first time in my life. Stayed one night in the hospital (I work there and did get extra special care). Hemoglobin did drop 5 grams even though I did not lose much blood in OR. My blood pressure maintained at 84/40 but I convinced them to let me go home because I felt ok. I had a friend drive me home and check in on me every once in awhile. I only took Vicodin for 24 hours then switched to plain Tylenol. On Monday morning, three days post op, government surveyors walked into my work department and really ripped into everything. This required my presence back at work the following Monday. I returned to work on day ten and have to work 10 to 12 hours each day to do what needs to be done. I started out weak and very tired but am getting stronger each day. I am also diabetic and was a bit worried about healing. My incisions are great. Drains, all three, were out on day 11. The only discomfort I have is mild and is from the MR. I do not like the compression garment nor do I like the numb feeling but I will get through it. I am a wimp so I do not think anyone should let their age stop them from going for it. I have never had a flat tummy. Today I put on bikini underwear and have worn it all day and it never rolled down. I didn't know that was possible. I have no regrets about doing this except I would have liked to be able to work from home during that second week. I am planning on having my upper arms done, my thighs and my neck.
I do not know what makes us all handle things differently but it is amazing to me. I was allowed and able to stand upright from the day after surgery without discomfort.
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I am 56 and had a mini tummy tuck and lipo selection on 3/4. I am doing very well and am anxious to start working out more. I walk pretty regularly and ride my bike but will add the stabiliy ball and weights to my wrksout.
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Day 14. Getting up this morning the normal amount of swelling. Since yesterday was not such a good day with swelling and pain I have decided to spend mot of the awakening day sitting up in bed with rather that on a chair. Just want to see if this will elp wit the uncomfortable sensation of swelling I felt yesterday as if I was going to pop.
I will be getting u occassionally to make drinks and have other needs met.

Took butterfly sutures off today as recommended by my TT team and was surprised how well my scar looked.
Apart from te swelling pretty good and no regrets.
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seems like we had procedures done on the same day.
Hope by now you would have had the drins taken out and as you say feeling more free to move around. Must say, I have taken it very easy doing nothing but walking around the house at times to ecercise as recommended.
Remember to wear your compression garment to help aid swelling.

Happy healing
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i Englan how are you Did you have the drains taken out today.

Day 13 today and this has been the most pain I have felt since the procedure. There is also a good bit of swelling which am sure is the reason for the pain. Hope its a better day for me tomorrow.
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3rd day, wow!

I'm day 12 and getting it out this aft. I had my 3rd shower today, but still sitting in the lawn chair with hubby helping.

Even though the drain doesn't bother me, having it out will be a visible and major milestone, and I'm sure it will make me feel freer.
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I only take a pain pill at bedtime, and occasionally at supper if I'm feeling sore. For a few days, I didn't take any, but decided that I get too sore overnight.

I'm feeling better every day, but just not ready to go out yet. We live in the country, and I'm afraid to slip on the ice getting in the car. I can't walk in our yard for snow, and I can't walk far or long enough to make going somewhere to take a walk, worthwhile.

If my drain does come out tomorrow, I am sure that will make me feel more free.
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I only had drains for four days -- getting rid of them was major! I hear you about the ice -- hope it is starting to melt where you are!!
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Had my drains taken out on the 3rd day. Sower on the 7th day and was able to do so without any help.
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I'm 55 and am 11 days post op from my TT. I'm still showering with help, haven't been dressed yet, and cannot bear the thought of going out.

I'm not in much pain, but I am uncomfortable. I don't feel like socializing, and have trouble focussing even on the computer for more than about 1/2 hour. :D
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Country Gal, where are you with the pain meds? I found I wasn't focusing very well while I was taking them -- couldn't even read my trashy romances! :) -- so I quite taking them during the day and only take them at night to sleep. Made a huge difference. Though I am still no social butterfly, I have been to the store a couple of times, went to a movie, and went out to dinner twice. I am just over two weeks out.
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Wow Country Gal, I hope you feel better soon. I'm 55 too and had a much easier recovery time. You can read my story. I think that proves "age" isn't a major factor in healing time, everyone is just different & has a different response to surgery. Best wishes!
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How long was your recovery from TT? How many days before you were able to get showered, dressed, and go out and about?
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Hi Meridian, keep reading through the many tummy tuck stories here & you'll gather a wealth of knowledge. I posted my story after finding Real Self and reading Kimmers.

There are some similarities and differences depending on types of procedures but again, a lot of info.
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I could shower once the drains were out -- about 4-5 days. Could drive after 2 weeks. Still not running around too much, and I did not have MR. It's a tough surgery, no matter what the age, because if you don't stay off your feet and rest a lot you swell like crazy.
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Hi. I am 55. Had a BR last May and a TT two weeks ago. I have great results and I don't think my age has had an effect, except that I am glad I had them separately. I have been tired after each procedure and both at once might have really knocked me out. Happy to answer any other questions -- just let me know what you'd like to know.
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Hello Meridian,

As a member of the 50+ age group, I had a breast lift done 10 years ago when I was in my 40's and had my tummy tuck done in Dec 2010 and positively LOVE my results. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Depending upon how one takes care of their body, I truly believe age is simply a relative issue. If this is something you want to do then I say, go for it!
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I've definitely heard of women in the 50+ age range getting tummy tucks and other body work. My mom was 55 and she did great.

Check through the Tummy Tuck Review community and see if you can find some other women in your age range to communicate with. I imagine that would be a comfort for you.

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Had Tummy Tuck on the 02.February 10 and am 63.

So glad I did it as it will make me feel a lot better about myself.
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