61 Yrs Old, Fair Skin, Circles Under Eyes and Wrinkles Around Mouth, Has Anyone Else Gotten SmartXide for this?

  • dogsaremyfriends
  • 2 years ago

61 yrs old, fair skin, always take care of skin but have signs of aging. Dark circles under eye, wrinkles around eye and mouth. Has anyone with these same conditions had smart xide eco2 done and what are your results. thank you patti

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I did it for wrinkles around my mouth. One treatment did not do a llot for me. I did like that it made my skin look clearer. I am fair but I had a lot of sun damage mainly around my mouth. It will take more than one treatment. I had my eyes done and a revision and lazer all at the same time by far the lazer was the worst. Painful during treatment. In 5 days I looked good. Put on makeup and went out.