6'1" 190lbs - Scared of going to big!!! HELP

  • TallinCA
  • Southern California
  • 1 year ago

My surgery is scheduled for 12/27. I am having a mommy makeover. I am 6'1" and 190lbs. The PS is reccommending 600 cc's.  I am currently a very deflated and saggy 38 c. I am getting silicone implants, HP and under the muscle. I am so scared I am going to look like a porn star. I am a career woman and a mom and just want to have nice firm full breasts. I tried on the 550 cc sizers and like the way they look, however, they explained, after they do the lift and put the implant under the muscle they will be smaller and if I liked the look of the 550cc's I should go with the 600 cc's. The 600 cc's just look SOOO big. I am so scared of making the wrong decision. I'm also concerned I will have a hard time with clothes and they will just feel to heavy. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks!