600ccs will it give me a DD

  • army wife1985
  • 1 year ago

Had my preop yesterday decided on 600cc saline under the muscle. Want to be a DD my pre op size is 34 barely B. Will 600ccs give me DD? My surgery is 3-19-13 Terrified I will not be as big as I would like

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it will give you more.. i had 400 CC & I got DD Im 5'8", 145 lbs..
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600cc will Not give you a DD...you will be bigger!! Although we should not go based off bra sizes (because all brands are different) I started at 34b and after getting 400 silicone I'm now a 34dd. You need to consider how you might not fit in your clothes after and you'll most likely have trouble finding bras because you'll have a small band size but large cup...and they don't really make those. Not to mention that the heavyness of that implant can very much cause you to bottom-out. AND you definitely don't want to stretch you breast skin so much, you can get stretch marks or see the ripples that a saline implant is known for. I'm not trying to change your mind..these are just things to think about. Good luck to you!
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Here's what some doctors say about breast implants and cup size and here is more feedback on 600cc implants and what you might be able to expect from them long term.

Not trying to talk you out of anything, I just want you to have all the info. Good luck and please keep us posted on what you decide to do!

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