Nearly 60 and contemplating reduction surgery

  • Just Jacquie
  • Central New Jersey
  • 2 years ago

Hi, I searched around several Breast Reduction Forums and then decided to join this one!  I will be 60 in April, and have only recently started thinking about  having the surgery.  I am not worried about recovery time, as I don't work,, and have been through lumbar fusion surgery, which took 5 months, the first three I had to wear a back brace everyday.  Now THAT was tough.  Interestingly, my daughter had the same surgery six years ago, and was happy with the results.  I wear a 40DD bra, but trying to find a bra at Lane Bryant was ridiculous, and I ended up with 40DDD, although I was measured at 38DD!  How crazy is that?   I have grooves in my shoulders from all these years of lugging these bowling balls around!  I lost 15 pounds a year ago, and have kept it off, but still can't wear cute sundresses, etc because of my top.  I am 5' 5", 165 lbs, wear size 14 pants, but usually 18/20 size tops.  I haven't checked into my insurance yet, but don't think I will have any trouble being approved.  I have suffered back and neck pain since 1999, and have been seeing a pain management specialist since 2002.  Are there others of you out there who waited until this age to have your surgeries, and, if so, how was you recovery?  Thanks for reading this long story!