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I am 59 and live alone. I plan to have some stay with me for the first 48 hours. Is this enough?

  • MatthewsGigi
  • 1 year ago

I will have a lift chair, hospital bed, frozen meals, and bottled water.  someone will come check on me each day.

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I personally was okay after 48 hours to get to the bathroom and would have been able to make frozen meals. It was still painful but do-able.
PS: If you get a girdle with only one long velcro to lock it, it is next to impossible to put it back on alone after showering. I finally got one with two, and I am able to put it on (although not as tight as I wish, and it is definitively not as comfy as my first one). I would get / buy something else, but personally I do not know what on the market is tight enough!
I live alone too! I spent the first night in the hospital for that reason. I had my mom pop over every morning for the first 5 or 6 days, she helped tidy up and was mostly there just in case I needed help while I was sponge bathing or cleaning the drain site (I have a weak stomach lol) I actually did faint one day, .. luckily I felt it coming on and sat at the kitchen table. fell flat on my face, sent the coffee flying and scared the hell outta mom. Whew! Other than that, I was OK with my daily helping hand ... after almost a week it was not every day but I had people nearby I could call if I needed someone.