I am 5"8 and roughly 115lbs and had my consult with my PS yesterday. I want to go roughly to a full C cup...

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...which I worked out to be about 300cc implants.  My surgeon said I could even go bigger because I have broad shoulders however I am worried they are going to be too big if I go to a 350cc.  I am also worried that if I do go 300cc that they will shrink and be smaller than I want them to be because I am going under the muscle.  Can anybody offer me any advice as to what size I should go?  I got given a 300cc implant to take home but it seems a little smaller than I imagined.

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p.s. no one tells you how hard it is to wear clothes with big boobs. beware!
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I dont go higher then 300. I got 240cc i have the broadest shoulder on a girl you can have and im also 510 and i got a full c/ small d cup. Your pre op size matters. Dont let him talk you into bigger, that what they love to do. better to be smaller then bigger also dont you think?
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Im 31, 5"9 and 140 pounds. I was an A cup and wanted to be a full C to a D cup. I got saline implants under the muscle. The muscle will squish the implant flatter. I went in thinking of 300cc implants and left with 550cc implants. I am 3 months post - op and have DD breasts and love them. I struggled with the sizing the most. I went for 2 fittings and loved the way the larger implant looked. Follow what your Surgeon recommends and if you are between 2 sizes go for the larger one. It will keep you from getting a second surgery when you want them larger. Also keep in mind that larger implants are more uncomfortable and take longer to heal, but are way worth it.
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Hi there,

Here's what some doctors say about choosing the right implant for you and cup sizes. Hope it helps!

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