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i am a 54 year old male. is lasik advisable for someone my age

  • geoff54
  • Mullica Hill, NJ
  • 3 years ago

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Hello! This is Dr. Mohammadi from San Diego Laser-Vision Eye Center ( Prior to having LASIK you need to get a detailed eye exam to find out the following: 1. How much cataract you have now? You need to know this because everyone has some cataract. Although your vision may be correctable to 20/20 with glasses now, it is good to know the extent of your cataract. If you have significant cataract beginning to form, then it may not be a great idea for you to pay for LASIK or other laser vision correction only to need to pay for cataract surgery in a few years. If you do not have a significant amount of cataract forming, then it is reasonable for you to have lasik surgery if you are a good candidate. 2. Are you a good LASIK candidate? For this you can refer to the webpage: 3. What do you expect in the way of near vision? Most individuals at your age who have always seen perfectly in the distance, can no longer read without reading glasses. This will be the case after having LASIK if both your eyes are corrected for the distance. If you would like to see the near as well, there are some options with LASIK called monovision and modified monovision which essentially leave one of your eyes more near-sighted so you can see distance and near but mostly using one eye for each one. For more information on this you can see my page: Hope this helps and good luck:)
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You can consult your optician in your area. thanks
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Hi Geoff -- Welcome to RealSelf. This is a great question, so I've also posted it on our Doctor Q&A Forum for a professional opinion. But I personally can't think of any reasons why you can't. How long have you been thinking about doing it?

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several years
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