53 year old has BA scheduled on April 4! Need encouragement!

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  • 2 years ago

Hi! I need someone to talk to about my upcoming BA. So far I have opted to talk about my surgery with only a small number of people. Besides my husband I have told one sister, my 29 year old daughter and my younger son since he still lives at home. He is old enough that he would have been able to figure it out so I told him about it. Since it is on my mind a lot and I don't have many to talk to about it I am turning to this forum. I am 5"5" and weigh 108 lbs. I currently have a band width of about 27" and have very little breast tissue. I wear a 30 AA bra with pockets in it so I can put pads in it. I have wanted breast augmentation for years and am finally going to have it done. For years I have tried to tell myself that God did not make a mistake when he made me but all three of my children have had braces on their teeth and we have all had our wisdom teeth extracted so it doesn't cause future problems with the orthodontic work. My niece had plastic surgery on a scar because she felt self-conscious about it. I have never been able to feel confident about my body image. My husband has always been encouraging to me and he also is supportive of my decision to have a BA. I am nervous about the size but I have decided that I have to trust my plastic surgeon. I have given him lots of pictures to show him what I want but otherwise I am trusting him (and the nurses) to decide what size implants (silicone) will look proportional for me. I also am having a hard time imagining what recovery will be like. The only surgeries I have had so far are wisdom tooth extraction and a breast biopsy. Neither of those were too difficult. This surgery is much more invasive than either of those procedures. My youngest (son) is turning 16 years old 24 days post-op.  Any encouragement would be appreciated!

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Hi! You are absolutely doing the right thing! I am a mom as well. As a mom we sacrifice everything for our chrildren. You are at the peak in your life where you have raised all your kids to e successful adults and it's time to focus on you. As far as size, see if your doctor will allow you to borrow some implants to play with for a few days at home. That way you can wear them aroun and try on different clotes where you are comfortable. Then you can get a feel for what size you want. I went from a deflated 34b to a beautiful 34dd but I am 5'7 and 150 lbs. just a little bigger than you. They look smaller in clothes so make sure to try on te implants with your bathing suit. That's when you will be able to see what you really want. The hardest decision is how big? But your doctor sees hundreds of women im sure and will be able to make a great recommendation. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to seeing the new you!
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Just keep telling yourself that it is your time to do something for yourself and you deserve it! As I am sure you have read in the reviews here it is very common to be nervous. Not going to lie to you and tell you it was easy but I can honestly say it was not that bad and the amount of discomfort is worth putting up with. By staying on top of the medications during the first 2 or 3 days I was never really in serious pain. Yesterday was 2 weeks ago since my surgery and I have not had any medications other than a couple of regular Tylenol now and then for the last week. Just keep thinking about how much better your clothes will fit!
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Hi there! I'm so glad you're posting on RealSelf.

You might want to connect with DRgirl, who is 51 and recently had breast augmentation. June3440 is in her late 40s, so send her a PM as well. The best way to get support from RealSelf is to continue to update your review, comment on other lady's reviews and, if you're okay with it, post photos.

Hope this helps!

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