I'm 52 having a total hysterectomy, a bladder suspension and a tummy tuck. Anyone else having other procedures at the same time?

  • carnold
  • Dallas, TX
  • 2 years ago

I'm 52 and have 3 grown children. I had 3 ceseran sections, the first 30 years ago. My scarring is awful. I'm having a total hysterectomy because of continuous irregular bleeding, tumors and adhesions. I get biopsies every 6 months but the bleeding is bad! I decided to do a bladder suspension which was said to be a fairly easy procedure at the same time. And to top all that off.... I decided after wanting to do a tummy tuck for 10 years....I'd just get it all done at the same time.   I have 4 highly recommended doctors line up and go one after the other: My GYN and Oncologist will do the hysterectomy (ovaries included), then the Urologist will do her thing and last is the Plastic Surgeon with the tummy tuck. They have all worked together for years and are comfortable with the multiple procedures.   I just haven't seen anyone else post about having other procedures at the same time. I'm in good health, work out 3 times a week with a fitness instructor (extra this last month) and I'm really excited about getting it all over with. I guess that I'm just nervous about how much is being done.   Can anyone speak to the difference, if any, that I can expect with the different procedures? The docs have given me the expectations of each of their areas. All the restrictions are basically the same. The female urologist said that the tummy tuck will be the worst of it. She said" I'm not going to lie to ya.... it's going to hurt like hell. But you'll love it later."   My surgery is scheduled for July 30th.