Do you think that 500cc implants are too big for me?

  • honeyjess2005
  • north caroolina
  • 4 years ago

i am 5'5 147 pound heavy bone girl,, rib cage is 32 inches and i am 34b, i am having breast augmentation under the muscle in 2 week and i will like to know if they will look to big in a girl like me,, and also i am a little scared to go under anesthesia,,, i never being sleep and also,, how painful is the surgery under the muscle after recovery and how long it will take you to recover,,, please i will like to know,, thanks so much

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people said they look really natural on me. yes he did a great job on me with a natural look. my doctor very very good at a natural look but i wanted it more that just a natural look. they don't look big at all w/o bra. I still have to wear padded bras to have a Full C. Maybe if I chose 'high profile' that may give me a Full C. I am not please w/ my look cuz of the size.
I guess I am a little late to reply back to your question. I am not a doctor yes 500CC may thin out your breast tissue but I know many women that had 500CC or 550CC for years and they have no problem with it. I had 400CC, Mod+ and I am 108 lbs, 5'5, and people say 400CC will look big on me....BUT NO 400CC only give me a Full B...very disappointed. I was hoping for a Full C.
hey there i was thinking about getting implants for a long time. i'm 5'5'' also but i'm 12 lbs heavier than you. however, i have extremely small breasts (very flat but the shape of them are very nice). i was thinking 300-350 can probably go to a C already, but for you 400cc only went up to a full B? that's sounds highly improbable! where did you get your surgery done and who was the doctor may i ask? well, even though it is a full B, are you pleased with the look? i know that you want your breasts to look bigger, but perhaps it wouldn't look as natural if you went too big. does it look natural right now?