500cc + Crescent Lift..anyone else?

  • takecare23
  • 11 months ago

Hi guys! I am scheduled for a 12/20 BA w/ a lift.  My doctor and I decided on 500CC and he believes I need a lift as well.  He recommended a crescent lift, rather than the lollipop lift the other PS I saw mentioned. Have any of you had experience with a crescent lift?  Is 500 CC too big? Reference: 5'9, 160lbs

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I had the lollipop lift with 500cc implants and I am very happy! I am also 160lbs. I didn't want to get the implant and then 6 months down the road want to go bigger. All my girlfriends that got them done said they wish they went bigger. I wanted to make sure my new breasts matched my body structure. Well good luck and you should do what you want! Not what anyone else says!
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I'd be afraid 500cc would be too big. I held a 300cc in my docs office and it was pretty heavy. I've not heard of a crescent lift. Let me know how it comes out. Remember, the heavier the implant, the sooner gravity will pull them down. They don't lift the breast. Good luck
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