Under $5000 for Breast Augmentation in Oregon?

  • Gabriellakay
  • Vancouver, WA
  • 2 years ago

I am in need of a breast augmentation surgery,having a lot of trouble even finding a doctor and was wondering if there are any good doctors near the Portland, or area who perform the surgery for under 5000 ?? I also want lip augmentation and was curious about restalyne injections pricing? Please let me know!

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Hi there thanks for the info. I will start calling around and hopefully figuring this all out:)

It looks like $6600 is the national average cost for breast aug. You'll really just have to call around and go on consultations to find a price you can work with.

I live in Seattle and can tell you that I've priced restylane for lips and it comes out to about $250 to $500 depending on how many syringes they use for you. 

Hope this helps!

Also willing to go to Seattle, WA please help me!