50 and thinking of getting a gastric bypass

  • jaz in IN
  • 3 years ago

I am 50 and weighs 320. I weighed a 180 five years back. I started gaining weight alarmingly after I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem. I am on medication for thyroid but my weight refuses to go down despite my cutting down on food intake and exercising everyday. I know for a fact that the risk of gastric bypass goes up at age 55. I have read articles which clearly show the risk, but I know that I would be in more risk healthwise if my weight continues to go up. Your advices and opinion will be greatly appreciated. 

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Jaz, I did it. I also had gastric bypass, and I started at 320 when I applied for the surgery, but started my weight loss journey over 400 lbs. I had a very easy go of the surgery, and although I've had some problems since (relating to hypoglycemia, which some of us do develop) I would NEVER unwish my surgery. It's changed my life. And yes, I did it at almost 50 (49 and 9 months)

Because of the amount of weight I need to lose (around 240 pounds), my doctor recommended the Gastric Bypass Surgery. The best weight loss procedure for you might be based on the amount of weight you have to lose. I also had a severely under active thyroid and gained a lot of weight. Since then, I'm on thyroid medicine and my thyroid is fine.

Hi Jaz,

Have you talked to a doctor about this yet? Have they offered any advice?

Gastric bypass, like any surgery, has it's risks. There are also other wls choices such as gastric sleeve, lap band and duodenal switch. Some of these other options provide less risk for certain age and weight groups. A bariatric surgeon would be able to give you more detailed information. We have specialist bariatric surgeons on RealSelf who may be able to help. You can ask a doctor a question by using this link: http://www.realself.com/answers

Before considering wls the thyroid, which i assume is under active, really needs to be controlled. How long have you been on your current medication? Is your doctor happy that it is working well to regulate your thyroid?

My mum has the same thyroid problem and controls it with medIcation, which she has been on for at least 25 years now. It does help to regulate the thyroid although she has battled with weight problems as well.