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Sorry not finished. The vanco is pretty strong and has to be iv...anyway went back to or today and got it cleaned out...tomirrow the pa will undo the packing...ouch not happy about it.
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Hope Vancomycine will do the job and they will let you go home. Hospitals are full of I resistant infections. Try some natural stuff for your lymphatic drainage and immune system boost, like Vit c, echinacea, grape seed extract... I use protein shakes with 1000 mg of Vit C and other herbs to keep immune system strong, restore blood loss after surgery, speed up healing and prevent viral, bacteria or fungal infections.So far I am 20 days post-op, healing well, have energy to work and do things around the house. Great stuff. Get well and get home, best wishes
You need seriously considering strengthening your immune system and getting better for good.
I am a very quick healer..usually. last aug I had major reconstruction on my lt foot and no a bit of infection..course I was out if work for 3 months..This time I went back to work after 10 days andworking in a hospital er does increase mmy odds of picking up staph which is what happened..I was careful about
But the skin had separated and oh well...if I had it to do over I would have taken more time off and paid mire attention to the med advice "take it easy"...thanks for your input I am on some vitamins and herbal supplements but I am interested in your recommenations as well.
Yes, hospitals are the worse place where you can get horrible infections, MRSA...
Still in the hospital..been here since Thurs the 15th..have cellulitis on rt breast.drained 100 cc of fluid on fri but srltill not better..The vancomycin I am getting iv should cute it
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Hi ladies :-). I am 54 and had my surgery on April 15th . My only problem is that my scars are very red and they still itch some . I am using micro pore tape . I was a 38/40 G and I am now a 38 DD . I am not as small as I would like (a C cup ) but they are a nice size and shape for my frame . It's changed the way I feel about myself . And my confidence is over the top! I highly recommended this surgery ...
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Try massage using the Bio or Palmer's Oil:)  

Hi. I had my surgery on May 15 and my scars are still red also. I think it is just my skin. I know from previous surgeries that they will eventually turn white and almost disappear. It just takes time. Even if the scars didn't get any better, I'd still be happy I had the surgery done.
I've been using Palmer's oil all along . I may just have the skin that scars.
I agree sharon . Its still worth it .
Try using Lavender oil on your scars, also a protein shakes I am taking helped my friend scars get like a hairline in 3 month. I been on it since my surgery 20 days ago , healing faster than younger patients of my PS, that what he says.
Thank you Hope .. I will give it a try . :-)
Feeling a bit down...br on 3/26..i thought that the scars wouldnt matter..well they do now..thought i would be way smaller..well i am but not as small as i would have liked..thought i would have more nipple sensation..well they are pretty non responsive..feeling kind of ugly actually...no regrets..but just feeling like my expectations may have been too great..sorry..i hate to feel bummed, but when i mention it to my husband, he says they are fine..he doesnt get it...
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I am sorry you are struggling with the results:(


I'm sorry you are feeling down. I have learned from other procedures I've had done, that the reality seldom matches our expectations, but are still so much better than the way things were. Give yourself some time and I think you will feel a lot better. I had my surgery on May 15. I have one nipple that is overly sensitive and one that is numb. And my incisions are still bright red. I understand the too big feeling. At first I thought they were too small, and now I think hmmm, they could have been smaller. Then I remember how far they used to sag. You know my biggest thrill, which is kind of silly, but when I sit in a booth now, my breasts don't hit the table, and that just makes me happy.
Thank you...i hate that they are red all of a sudden too..i just want to be normal and am not feeling it. I will need a revision where my drain was on the l side..and it grosses me out to touch over there because the skin has flapped over...also it is still numb from the aerola down, so that is an odd thing too..i am trying to be patient, but am failing this week..i am back to the gym, and have been golfing as well..they still get in the way of that sadly..i hear ya on the booth tabels tho...but i still can knock over a glass of water sometimes! I should have done this years ago..being 50 has hampered the healing process i think..plus my emotions are all over the place..was hoping to feel sexier...but i dont...crap..
From what I understand, it can take up to a year for the final results. I still have some places that are hard as a rock where she said she stitched breast tissue to keep it up. I don't know when that will go away. I'm 63, so I'm sure my healing isn't as fast as someone younger. Your hormones may be causing some of these feelings. Don't let yourself get too down. Go sit in a booth and feel better... :)
Haha..i should..but that will make me eat..something i do way too much of!!..speaking of a hard rock...my left side had this hard peice like the size of a hot dog...well i noticed on the ncision going down a little bump..watched it for a week get bigger, then one day it kind of got to like a pimple, and after a warm shower, it opened and so much crap poured out of me..like fifteen minutes of white crap and blood..it kept coming and coming until it ran clear..there was no split..just a teeny tiny hole after that i cleaned and put bacitracin on..well the next day, i realized that the hard lump was like 95% gone!!! I was so happy...what the hell was that?? Im just glad its out..it really has been hard on me..this whole recovery thing..i had dissovalable staples that decided to only partially dissolve..some small pieces are still trying to break thru my skin..not fun when it comes thru your aerola!! Trying to be happy...thank you for your support..it helps to be able to speak to those in my same shoes...aloha
I'm post op Day 8. Wondering how long to wear compression garments 24/7. Need a break!

Ask your doctor if you are able to sleep without it half the night.  When you are laying down you swell less.

May be you need to try something to speed up healing and stimulate your immune system . I use protein shake which rebuilds the blood, speed up healing, gives me a ergo, sal is antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal and improves lymphatic drainage. It cost me about $140 a month, but being 57 I need it. Healing great , working out since day 9 lower body only, no constipation anymore since I am on those shakes twice a day.also lost 6 pounds( 2 pounds from breast)
My dr said it is not negotiable to have a compression bra on and sleep on my back for 1 month. I take it off for shower and while it is in laundry I use tight Sport bra.
Hello ladies! I am 50 and just passed my 10th week! I booked a mini beach vacation trip for my hubby and me for last weekend to reward him for being such a sweetheart and so supportive during this time. I feel great and my scars look wonderful. Cant believe it took me 30 years to make this change. My PS was fantastic and removed 12.1 lbs total from my chest! I love my new girls! Keep healing and trust me after a few weeks the pain is a distant memory and well worth it!
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