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I Have a 5 Year Old and a 1 Year Old, Should I Do My TT Now or After Kids Are Older?

  • Tyler5815
  • 2 years ago

Hi! I am 29 with two daughters 5 and 1...I am actually schedualed for surgery Feb 9th but am having second thoughts on the timing...My 1 yr old is still incredibly needy and loves being held. I know this is probably going to be a personal decision...just wondering if anyone has had the surgery with little ones and the best way to cope/prepare them for mommy being "out" for awhile..Thanks!! Angela

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Hi Tyler! You and I are scheduled on the same day. Try not to listen to the horror stories, it was hard enough for all of us to make this decision.
If you will have help, I say go for it and get it over with b/c kids like to be carried until 3-4 yrs old so you would have to wait for awhile.

I have 2 boys..who are crazy, super wild ;) The older is 4 and baby will be 19 months when I have my tt on Feb 6. Hubs and mother in law helping for 2 weeks. Hubs took time off of work and having his mom come down, then help will be off and on from my mom whenever hubs has to work. It will be tricky.

My PS said she would prefer I did not pick up baby for 4-6 weeks but she knows real world is different so she has NOT AT ALL for 2 weeks and them only as needed, like in and out of crib, with binder on.

Hope you have help and can get it done! Best wishes.

I am also thinking about having our neighbor's kid come over for a couple of hours here and there just to play with my kids..I would still be here but just to give them some more play time while I am down.
We are in the same boat then! I will have plenty of help, it's just nightime - bed/bath routine I was worried about...and you SO have a point about them being carried around...some days I carry my 5 yr old out of kindergarten! Thanks so much and best of luck - I'm going to go for it!!
HEy Angela, I have a 3yr old and a 15 month old, and scheduled my TT Feb 3. Do you have someone who can keep the 1 year old for a week or so? I am sending my 15 month old with my mother in law and having my husband help me out with him the 2nd week. My friend who had a TT a year ago had no problem with her 1 year old. She just made sure to hold her when she was sitting down, change her diper on the floor. Will you have help the first 2 weeks??
I have a friend with kids same age as ours that had hers done in July - I thought she was super mom bc everyone else was saying, "NO! Wait until the girls are older!" But my goodness, it's time! Yes, my mom will be helping me out tremendously! She's already got it planned out - glad she does - my only concern was the whole in and out of crib/bathtub thing...I think I'm going to just go for it! Thanks so much!!
Yes go for it my youngest are 5 and 1 too! I'm scheduled in February! It's time!!!!