Am I doing too much 5-days post-op?

  • MH_H2D
  • WI
  • 2 years ago

I had BR surgery last Friday, home that afternoon, everything went GREAT.  My drains were removed Monday.  Besides the physician appt, I accompanied mom on a 45 minute grocery trip today (I slept for 2 hours after!).  Otherwise I am resting BUT could I be doing too much by moving my arms?  I have not had much pain at all -- in fact the only sensation I have is itchiness and a feeling of "let down" (for those of you that remember breast feeding).  The first 48 hours i tried to not raise my arms much at all, but as I have tested my limits (with reach, not weight of items) I have noticed that I am not in pain when i reach.  Is pain the only reason we are advised not to reach, or should I avoid raising my arms because of potential complications?  (And by "reach" I mean raise my arms above shoulder height).  I can't find any mention of this in my literature from the doc, except for the patient educator telling me to plan on not being able to reach anything above shoulder height... but was it because I shouldn't or because it would hurt??   Thanks for any input!  I only wish I had found this site sooner... and taken some decent before pictures :P    PS: I am 5'5", 200 llbs, and was a 38H prior to my 7/29 BR surgery.  I think he removed approx 650-700 cc's - a total of 3.38 lbs.  I am expected to be a D which has been scary to look down at because now I can see my big stomach better than ever (I did not get boobs until i was 22 and then I also gained 60 lbs.  Weight has left and returned, boobs wouldn't budge; I am 32).   MH