5/7/13 w/ Dr. Salama, need earlier date...anyone want to Switch????

  • imissmycurves
  • 2 years ago

For work reasons I can't do May 7th. Ideally I'd love to do February, March or early April. If you know of anyone who'd like to switch, please let me know.    Thank you!

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I have January 24 of 2013 if anyone has April or May I would love to switch!
I have a March 19th date. Do you want to switch?
Yes, please! I messaged you back, would love to!

Hi there,

I see you've also written a review. That's a great way to hopefully get a swap, a lot of the BBL ladies trawl the reviews looking for people to swap.

Have you asked to be put on Dr. Salama's cancellation list also?