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4days post op and my only wish is to..

  • Cat80
  • 3 years ago

Be able to take sit in my tub and let the warm water run all over my tired sore bruised body AHHH the things we take for granted! I also would like to walk like a normal human being sleep in more than one position and wipe my own a**! Ladies that have taken the plunge what do you wish for right now?

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I wish these freakin drains were gone already and the swelling was down a bit more. I still feel like a water balloon getting ready to pop.

One encouraging thing is that I put on a pair of capris from last summer and even with all the swelling, the binder and the drains I was able to button them and they're not tight. Yay, there may be some light at the end of this tunnel.
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7 days post op and I want a tub too!!
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i am mine.. you havent gotten the clearance for a shower yet?
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No.. I have!! I just want a long hot tub!
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Well I am now 6 Days post op not 4 and my wish is still the same!
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