450cc vs 480cc Silicone gel implants... Is there a big difference?

  • BocaCK
  • Birmingham, Michigan
  • 1 year ago

Hi everyone!  My surgery is April 12th, and at my consultation last week I picked out 450 cc silicone gel implants. I did the rice test today, and made 450 cc and 480 cc rice implants. I feel like I can't tell much of a difference with the two! I am 5'7 and 145 lbs ( goal is to be 135 by surgery day) should I go with the 480 since you do lose a little bit compared to the sizers when you go under the muscle? Plus, everyone I have talked to has said that they wished they had gone bigger. My goal is to be a full D. Any advice would be great! 

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I don't think there is much difference between 450cc and 480cc implants thats only 30cc. def go bigger you won't regret it!