I am 43 5,11 female from the UK I have a good figure, am slim and had a

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  • 1 year ago

I am 43 5,11 female from the UK I have a good figure, am slim and have been left with what can only be described as a baboons bum! Especially when I bend over.

They are horrible and totally unnatural looking. I am limited to what I can wear as they show through, like two melons stuck on my bum and one implant moves around! I also have a long scar at the top of my "crack".

Is anyone else going through what I am or can anyone advise me what to do now. I dont really have the money to pay for them to be removed and Im terrified I will be left with just saggy skin if I get them removed! I really regret getting them done and would advise anyone that is thinking of having them done to really ask themselves is the risk worth it?

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I feel like, for what I have seen the UK is at least 10 years behind USA when comes to cosmetic surgery. It feels hopeless.
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I am in the UK also. Could you tell me if this procedure was performed in the UK?
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Can u share a pic?
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Hi there, welcome!

I'm so sorry you're having problems with your implants. Are you able to speak to the surgeon that put them in and see what they would reccomend, or ask you local doctor?

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