425cc high profile or 375cc moderate profile for 34b 5ft frame

  • not sure73
  • 1 year ago

Hi. I'm an in-shape 40 year old, 5ft 1in tall, 122 lbs and on the small side of 34B. I have two children, who were not breastfed. The base width of my left breast is 13.2cm and my right breast 12.7cm. The volume of each breast also differs, with the left being 288cc and the right being 263cc. They both lack fullness up top. I will be having breast augmentation by a board certified plastic surgeon in a few weeks but still undecided on which size/type of implant. My initial goal was to be a full C cup and the doctor recommended Mentor 375cc moderate profile for the right breast and 350cc on the left with a crescent lift for the right nipple to correct the asymmetry. After taking home the implant sizers and trying on my clothes with them I much preferred the look of 425cc with my clothes on, which would most likely make me a small D cup in some bras. Switching to larger size implant, my doctor said the mod profile would not be suitable for me and now recommends the Mentor high profile 425cc for the right breast and 400cc high profile for the left and says I could even go larger if I like (450cc hp for right and 425cc hp for the left). The larger sizers do not look too big for me with my clothes on but I'm worried that the larger size will compromise the implant and my skin over time. I also did the 3D axis imaging with both choices. The 425 hp definitely look fake and the 375 mod profile, although natural looking, just doesn't seem like a significant increase from where I am know. I'm nervous about making the wrong choice would love some advice. Thanks!