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38 yr Old Male, Two Weeks Post-Op: Please Tell Me Things Will Get Better!

  • wayne696
  • 1 year ago

I'm two weeks post-op from having lipo of my upper and lower abs, and love handles. I'm not in much pain, and the swelling is about average from what I can tell from reading other posts. What's really bothering me is how I feel physically and mentally. I'm usually an active person, but after a day in the office I'm just spent, I feel tired constantly. And I feel like I've lost my 'mojo'. My sex drive isn't even what it used to be pre-op, and that really concerns me. Any other guys out there have a similar experience? When will I start to feel like my old self again? Right now I feel like I'm in a dark tunnel and the light is very far away and dim. When will I be over the 'hump' with the swelling and lack of energy? Any words of encouragement and advice is appreciated!

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Hi there! I am not a guy, but I am a very active mom with a generally high libido (even raising five kids).I had lipo to my upper and lower abs with a tummy tuck about eight months ago. I am not lying when I say that it took me about eight or nine weeks to truly feel less sore and more like myself at the liposites. Also, do you take a multivitamin? I stopped mine prior to surgery per doctor's order and forgot to restart it. Being well hydrated and having the right nutrients on board will help you recuperate faster. Also...not the same as lipo, but when my husband has surgery last year it took him three to four weeks to get his mojo back, so to speak. It was a long month for me. ;)
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Hi Wayne, welcome!

I'm sorry you're not feeling great at the moment. Have you spoken to your doctor in a follow-up or anything, just to make sure that it's just the recovery period and nothing else that's making you feel unwell?

You might also want to check out this forum post, which may give you some answers.

I hope you feel better soon!

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