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38 yr Old Male, Two Weeks Post-Op: Please Tell Me Things Will Get Better!

  • wayne696
  • 1 year ago

I'm two weeks post-op from having lipo of my upper and lower abs, and love handles. I'm not in much pain, and the swelling is about average from what I can tell from reading other posts. What's really bothering me is how I feel physically and mentally. I'm usually an active person, but after a day in the office I'm just spent, I feel tired constantly. And I feel like I've lost my 'mojo'. My sex drive isn't even what it used to be pre-op, and that really concerns me. Any other guys out there have a similar experience? When will I start to feel like my old self again? Right now I feel like I'm in a dark tunnel and the light is very far away and dim. When will I be over the 'hump' with the swelling and lack of energy? Any words of encouragement and advice is appreciated!