36DD Want to do a breast reduction to a 36C am I a candidate and the insurance will cover it?

  • miosoti
  • Sandwich, MA
  • 3 years ago

Like I said before I have a 36DD and I will like to reduce my breast to a 36C I am 26 years old what do you think? Also you think the insurance will cover and how long will take from my first visit to the plastic surgeon to get the surgery done? Thanks

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Insurance companies consider several different factors when determining coverage.  Plus they require that a certain amount of breast tissue be removed (grams) per breast.  Each company is different so this is a hard question to answer.

It is best to go in for a few consults and have the doctor start the process with the insurance.  

Now how quickly you are able to have the surgery will depend on the insurance company and the surgeons schedule. 

These links may help answer some of your questions. 



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