330 cc teardrop implants?

  • tinipinkxo
  • 2 years ago

has anybody had the teardrop implants! im looking for a natural look.. trying to avoid that "shelf look"  just want to see if anybody had some good outcomes with the teardrops!

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I have the new Sientra textured tear drop high profile left side 400 & right 450. I'm 10 days post op and after having my round saline's replaced, they look and feel much better although I have a long way to go before I'm fully healed and know the final outcome as far as shape/dropping. So far I'm pleased but I've been in this dreaded compression band which is pure torture but my doc has me wearing it so the implants will stay in place & hopefully help drop a little quicker. The band I've been told also helps with the swelling. I had a lot of fullness with the round salines but I can see a big difference already in terms of the shape which looks far more natural...yaaay (no more shelf look)! Hope this helps!! :)
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My doctor said to be careful with shaped implants because they can shift. I did 339 moderate plus and I don't have a shelf look at all.
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I know someone who has teardrop shaped implants. She is very happy with the shape. She is a very thin woman (120 lbs) and she feels they have a very natural look and feel to them.
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