32H and lean ... is B too small?

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I am desperately trying to figure out size for breast reduction surgery in 4 days from now!   I sooooo want a B.  I keep thinking though that C would be fine (not a "full" C, though ... for fear of a D ever again in my life since I started wearing D early in High School).  I am quite certain, as well, that my surgeon is going to persuade me to a C and I may be disappointed.  I am very persuadable.  In the pre-op he asked "C"?  ... and then when I thought too long he said "well, we'll get them as small as possible".  What does that mean?  He is a very capable and comforting surgeon, mind you.  I like him.  I want to make this a good decision for me.   I am late 40's in age.  A lesbian.  An athletic type.  I have a smallish chest at size 32.  I weigh 139.  

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Having looked at more boobage than I ever thought possible I came to the conclusion that going from 36DD to a B cup might be small and look strange. I think I will ask my surgeon to make them as small as makes sense in proportion to the rest of my body. My guess/hope is they will be on the small side of a C.
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I know how you feel! The best thing(s) to me is being able to look in the mirror without cringing and actually liking what I see AND being able to walk into any store and buy WHATEVER I like!!!! Previously I had a few "uniforms" cuz NOTHING fit me! I am 54, so I really waited way too long.
About the size…I had asked for a C….but my PS said "we'll make them as small as possible but still have good shape". For a few weeks after surgery, they seemed so small to me, I was sure they were C's…..but when I went to buy bras, I am still a 32 DD or in a couple I've been a D. I was pretty surprised. But truly, I am thrilled with them, and decided not to get hung up on a letter. They look and feel 100 times better. Keep us posted, and the recovery will pass quickly.
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Hi EmbraceMe…First of all, I hope you are recovering easily. You may not even know yet, but I was just wondering what size you turned out? I was also a 32H before my reduction, so I was curious.
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Hi, I will update you as it un-swells :)

The surgeon said he was going for a full B or small C. Right now it looks like a healthy C.

Regardless ... I am incredibly pleased, happy, relieved. He did a beautiful job. I am hoping to still be on that borderline B/C.

Thanks for you input. What did yours turn out compared to what you wanted?
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Oh gosh, you are a 32H like me! How do we stay so tiny and end up stuck with these huge monsters?

I think what your surgeon means when he says he will get them as small as possible is that he will get you as small as he can without compromising blood flow to the nipple. If you look around here you will see a lot of women have had an experience where they would like to be super tiny and find out they can't go that small without ending up a weird breast shape, or risking their nipple. In fact, I feel like I have seen a Q & A in the Q& A section where all the doctors spoke on it.

As for being easily swayed.... I would find a few pictures.... Maybe one that you for sure don't want to be bigger then, and one that you think is perfect, then just stick to those. Doctors can't guarantee a specific cup size anyway, but it seem like if you take them a side view shot most of them feel comfortable trying to copy that. For example, I have been using this:


Although you certainly would not want to use that because she is a 32D :)
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Thank you for the support and advice. I started to now think a lot about the nipple risk based on your comments. I am not as concerned about loss of sensation, but the actual death of the nipple. I just posted a question to the doctors about that too.

I also have the most dense BI RADS IV >75% dense breasts. That may even be more difficult and risky for the surgeon.

I will search now for images that are pleasing to me. Good idea. I am going to take some good before and after photos since I want to be able to compare.

I appreciate your time ... I envision a loose button up shirt, baggy jeans, jazz music, hanging out in my art cottage with my new self. That's me. I did decide to wear a form fitting top this weekend just for one more "on the town" with the old me.
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