32H and lean ... is B too small?

  • EmbraceMe
  • La Mesa, CA
  • 2 years ago

I am desperately trying to figure out size for breast reduction surgery in 4 days from now!   I sooooo want a B.  I keep thinking though that C would be fine (not a "full" C, though ... for fear of a D ever again in my life since I started wearing D early in High School).  I am quite certain, as well, that my surgeon is going to persuade me to a C and I may be disappointed.  I am very persuadable.  In the pre-op he asked "C"?  ... and then when I thought too long he said "well, we'll get them as small as possible".  What does that mean?  He is a very capable and comforting surgeon, mind you.  I like him.  I want to make this a good decision for me.   I am late 40's in age.  A lesbian.  An athletic type.  I have a smallish chest at size 32.  I weigh 139.