2week post op. is it safe to pose in a photoshoot?

  • vini 11
  • 1 year ago

hi. i went for 375cc silicons over the muscle and beneath the breast fold incision. now i am one week post op. healing is quite normal though there is a small leakage of yellowish transparent liquid very less quqntity. ps examined and said it is melted fat and ebrything is alright. he asked me to apply neosprin and cover it qith tissue paper if i want to. anyway i am worried about somethin. i am a model and next week i have a photoshoot . i will be 2week post op by then but i am very stressed as i am not sure if it will be safe to strech arms and chest for posing ? plz let me know. i am very tensed.

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I was modeling when I had my BA, and I stupidly started shooting again about 2 weeks after. It was excruciating and made my incisions open up slightly. I regret doing that to myself. Unless you really need the money, I would recommend that you wait until you are fully healed.
By week 2 I was feeling good and it did not hurt to raise my arms above my head. I also got about the same size cc's as you and in the breast fold. My PS only limited me to not using my chest muscles for lifting but to listen to my body about movement and raising my arms. He said he didn't want me to manipulate the muscles very much. So as long as it did not hurt or feel uncomfortable movement was okay. Not to exert myself or do any lifting. So I think you will be fine with posing as long as you don't do alot of holding yourself up or lifting anything over 5 pounds. Just listen to your body it's pretty good about telling you when it's too much. Also take a nap I was still getting very fatigued that early out. Hope things go well at your shoot.

If it's not painful, you should be able to lift your arms, just don't do any major lifting. Here's what doctors say about recovery from breast augmentation.