2.5years after TT, now having issues.

  • Michele5564
  • 2 years ago

Hi thought I had a hernia, No hernia but fluid build up and 2 open incisions that need to drain and packed, and New Dr. Pulled out a stitch about an inch or so long and Pulled out a Monofiliment out of the small incision ?? Like what's wrong with this picture? Is this Normal after 2 plus years and to be this easy out of a small incision? This has been going on for 2/3 weeks had a CT scan showing fluid buildup no hernia, and then it was down ward from there. Drain fluid one visit, that wound up being staf,open and let drain after pressing and pressing my abdomen on another visit, and the last visit which was the other day was to make another Incision on lower abdomen on a old c sec scar to let drain where t all started from. So Now what I go back next week to see what's next, oh and I'm on second antibiotic. Original PS moved out of state, but I did locate her Via Internet But have not gotten all my eggs into on basket yet, being I'm still going threw this, I was advised to write down and take pictures of everything from day One, any words of wisdom or opinions? Remember 2/3/10 was the day I had it first do e, and it Was Not the smoothest ride to began with. Thanks Hope I made sense out of this story. M ;(

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Sorry to hear you are having problems. Where are you located and where is the doctor now that did the surgery? I thinking knowing would probably help others in case there are interested in selecting her/him. What is your new doctor saying in terms of what options you have? Don't like to hear this because so much time, effort and positive thinking were put into this and considering the pre=surgery feelings. Will pray that everything works out for you. Please keep us posted. Thanks and Good Luck