2.5 Weeks Post-Op with Asymmetry

  • oap1986
  • 2 years ago

Before I had a breast reduction, I had issues with asymmetry on my right {dominate} side, now - I am 2.5 weeks Post-Op and still find that the right side is larger. I've also noticed that the right feels "softer" than the left and can be a bit more painful towards the end of the day. The surgeon did have to do more extensive work on the right to correct the size difference {with incisions around the nipple area, down the middle of the breast, and underneath - whereas the left as just around and down.}  Could this just be swelling? The only physically activity I've done since pre-op is sitting at my computer using the mouse to browse the internet {with pillows propped under my arms, so it's really just my wrist moving side to side.}  This is my second surgery {the first being just a lift and to correct asymmetry 2 years ago + now this surgery as a reduction, lift, and my areolas were down-sized.} I feel as though they should be damn near perfect being that this is my second shot at this. Thoughts?     

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Hi, and I'm sorry that you haven't gotten any replies to your very important question. I don't blame you one bit, by the way, for feeling like you do! I've been researching this entire process extensively, and, from what you have written, I am thinking that, since you had so much more reconstructive work done on your right breast, there is still a great deal of swelling on your right side, which seems to be supported by the fact that it is more painful by the end of the day, and also that it is much softer than your left. The softness sounds to me like swelling. When is your next post-op appointment? If you don't have one coming up, I wold definitely make an appt ASAP. Please let us know what your PS says. Best of luck. Oh, my BR is scheduled for 9/13, provided I receive medical clearance tomorrow from my cardiologist! Keep your fingers crossed!!