2.5 Weeks Post-Op with Asymmetry

  • oap1986
  • 2 years ago

Before I had a breast reduction, I had issues with asymmetry on my right {dominate} side, now - I am 2.5 weeks Post-Op and still find that the right side is larger. I've also noticed that the right feels "softer" than the left and can be a bit more painful towards the end of the day. The surgeon did have to do more extensive work on the right to correct the size difference {with incisions around the nipple area, down the middle of the breast, and underneath - whereas the left as just around and down.}  Could this just be swelling? The only physically activity I've done since pre-op is sitting at my computer using the mouse to browse the internet {with pillows propped under my arms, so it's really just my wrist moving side to side.}  This is my second surgery {the first being just a lift and to correct asymmetry 2 years ago + now this surgery as a reduction, lift, and my areolas were down-sized.} I feel as though they should be damn near perfect being that this is my second shot at this. Thoughts?