I'm 24 weeks into a 50 week process. My midlines no longer align, and all my bottom teeth are now skewed to the left and even?

  • abirdsong
  • 1 year ago

crooked.  Before, my teeth always got compliments and were perfectly straight after wearing braces twice as a child.  The Invisalign was simply to correct front teeth that were gradually moving forward and my bite.  I think this is a total disaster, and I'm thoroughly disfigured.  Should I stop the process?  Seek a new orthodontist?  

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I had the same problem. It seemed like the trays were pulling my teeth one way and my smile was going the other way. Talk to your Dentist. Tell him your concerns. It might be time to be reassessed. I am on my third try...over 2 years & not done yet! Don't settle until you are happy with it! Hope you went with an Orthodontist because my dentist is just learning as he goes with me. I should be charging him! HA! My 2nd opinion Dr. just said wait another 1/2 year until he's done. It might all come together in the end! To this I say ha again! Don't wait & waste your time if they are going in the wrong direction. They will just continue to do that.