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24 m... so torn on doctor choice - plz help

  • mrlonely
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • 3 years ago

Hello Realself I am a 24 year old male living in Arizona who is seeking rhinoplasty...The reason I want to have this procedure done is because I made a very stupid decision 2 years ago to get an artefill non surgical nose job to raise the tip of my nose, and it ruined my life. I basically paid the DR $1300 to destroy my face. All I wanted was to raise the tip a little but he overfilled on artefill emptying the whole syringe into my nose raising it drastically giving me a flared nostril appearence. To make matters worse he also made my nose longer on one side (the left side) compared to the other... To cut a long story short, I am looking to have the artefill removed by having the tip sculptured and shaven down to get rid of the bulbous look...I would also like to LOWER the tip of the nose so that I don't have so much nostril appearence... I am not sure if a Tip Plasty would satisfy what I am seeking (since the artefill is in the tip) or a full  rhinoplasty procedure (because i need the tip lowered)... I have been quoted the same price for both treatments... $2700 in Cali for a tip plasty or $2700 in Tijuana for the full rhinoplasty... The doctor in California has been in the field for 22yrs and his creditionals are good The doctor in Tijuana was once sentenced to prison b/c of a mal practice lawsuit, but I seen a pic of one his patients and it looked GOOD. I am so torn I don't know what to do but the time is approaching fast so I need to make a decision... I live in Arizona ,so I am going to have to travel on the greyhound most which one should I pick? any advice would be be greatly appreciated...   thx 4 your time...

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Hi -
I was wondering if you ever got the tip plasty and how it came out
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I'm glad this worked out for you! We'd love to see a review from you if you're willing. It'd really help others who were torn like you were. You can go here to start that when you're ready. :0)

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Definitely go with the board certified doctor in the states. Make sure he specializes in rhinoplasty. This is not something you want to cheap out on, especially for a doctor who's been in prison for malpractice.

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So I decided to go to the one in California, he turned out to be an arrogant pompus ass insulting me and not even listening to my concerns. f walked out of his office and ended up going to the one in Tijuana and getting the full rhinoplasty..the best $2700 I've ever spent I couldnt be any happier :)
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Mrlonely im looking in havin rhinoplasty in tijuana my nose isnt bad it just need alittle enhancement, but afraid of the outcome I know their is great doctors in Tj. But I cant seem to find a rhinoplasty specialist, who did you go too?
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