23 hour observation

  • Happy135
  • Pensacola FL
  • 3 years ago

Did anyone have to stay in the hospital after their mm surgery for 23 hour observation. If so how much extra is the observation cost? I have my surgery at the end of March and I will not know the cost of that until 2 weeks before my surgery

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My INSURENCE is going to cover the 23 hour stay and the doc said he could get me an additional night if I needed it. I really want to make sure everything is ok before I go home.
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Dont know if you already had surgery but I did spend the night after my MM. Best decision ever! Well worth the 600$ I really had no choice my doctor demanded it really and boy was I thankful! Round the clock pain meds and help!
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I don't know where you live but here in California it runs around $500+ dollars. I am also spending the night in the hospital.
but since i am getting a insurence coverd breast reductions they are covering the room.
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