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I have 22 month old twin boys and I want to know for how long will I need help and when can I pick them up?

  • Nervousnellymom
  • Newmarket, ON
  • 3 years ago

The twins weigh about 28 pounds each. My husband will help at night and my mom is staying for two weeks. Will that be enough? Plus, I'm getting so nervous for my surgery on July 14. Anyone have some stories to ease my nerves.

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Hey dear! I have a 29 month old son who weighs 29 pounds. I'm about a little over a month post op and can lift him only for a short period. Just off and on his high chair. I'm sure I can lift him longer but definitely don't want to mess with the ab muscles. My recovery wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. First 3 days was really hard but after that... it got a lot easier. good luck on ur journey!
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Thanks so much, that helps. Was it only after a month that you could pick your son up for short periods. I think I will be on my own during the day after two weeks. I workout about 2 hours a day at least 5 days a week so I am hoping that will help with my recovery. Are you happy with your results? Do you have any regrets? Thanks again, enjoy your new tummy!
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I tried picking him up at 2 weeks but definitely could not quite yet. But everyone is different. Make sure you check with your PS. I think around my 3 weeks, I started lifting him. I try using my arm muscles only. I know how hard it can get w the little ones. And my baby is such a mommys boy, it was super hard forcing myself to not picking him up and just hugging him.
LOVE my results. My PS is wonderful and did an amazing job. No regrets. This journey is a long one .... and there are days I say to myself, "what was I thinking?" But everytime I look in the mirror, girl... I can not even explain. Its such a good feeling not having to even think about sucking in that ugly hanging belly of mine. I love how my shirts fit on me and it makes me so happy.
I'm glad I could help. This website has been my support system and I'm so glad I went through with getting this done. :)
good luck dear.
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You will probably not want to pick up the boys for the first 4-6 weeks.  28 pounds might be a bit much.  Having your mom there for 2 weeks is excellent:)  Gotta love those moms.

Now a story to ease your nerves...

You are going to do just fine and end up with a beautiful new body. The pain you experience is all temporary and will end.  Stay focused on the end result and keep your chin up.  Everything you go through for this process is worth it in the end.  I would do it all over again if necessary for the results I ended up with. 

You can do it and will be glad in the end.  Pamper yourself for the first 6 weeks post op and this will allow you to have a proper recovery.  You will have days that are harder than others but know it does pass and is fine. 

Just look at your babies beautiful little faces and that will make you smile. 


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Thanks so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to help make me feel better!
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