21 and overweight...is reduction a possibility?

  • hicksvillerox
  • State College, PA
  • 3 years ago

Hey guys, i'm 21 years old, 5'4" 180 lbs size 38H breasts. Ever eighth grade hit I've had ever-growing boobs...they went from C in 8th grade to DD in 9th to DDD (but actually H, I just found out when I finally got sized at a specialty shop in my college town) when I graduated high school. I recently started getting a numbing in my left arm that we've determined is a pinched nerve from my breasts...and for the first time I'm seriously considering reduction. My mom, sisters, family doctor and gynocologist have all mentioned it to me before, but now that my boobs are becoming a real problem I'm ready to take the next step. I know that you're not supposed to get reduction if you plan to have children within 5 years, but I'm in college and will only be under my parents' insurance for another year, so I want to get it done ASAP. I'm willing to postpone having kids for this. My only concern is getting approved...since I'm overweight, will I be required to lose it first? I've read stories of women heavier and with smaller breasts than me get approved, but maybe they just had really good insurance. Any insight?