2013 tummy tucks?

  • Kansascurious123
  • Kansas
  • 2 years ago

I'm doing my tt/lipo in January..anyone esle?

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I'm not booking mine until my BMI is at least in the 20's...I'm definitely having it in 2013 though...
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I'm booked for January 14th. Full tummy tuck, lipo of flanks and silicone implants..whats everyone else getting?
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Hi mine is booked for 21st January all being well. I lost 56 lbs with Weight Watchers 2yrs ago, been same weight now, tummy needs to go have to buy a size bigger in clothing to fit my tummy, had 1 pregnancy 24yrs ago, can't remember ever having a flat tummy. Good luck with the weightloss, plenty of walking to, I walk 12 miles 4-5 times per week in the evening. xx
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Hi! I'll be getting mine in 2013 after I lose a little weight (60 - 80lbs). I'm not sure if I want to book Jan or Feb yet though.
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