19 year old male that's looking to get rid of my whiteheads. Need help!

  • AJ1992
  • 2 years ago

I'm a 19 year old male that has been struggling with acne all through adolescence. Their are some days when my skin looks really good, while their are others where I can barely look at myself. It seems as though I've tried just about every treatment out there. I have to consider myself somewhat lucky because I only seem to have a lot of whiteheads on my forehead, chin and cheeks. I don't usually get any big red pimples, but I get a few small ones occasionally.

I was on minocycline for about a year at 50 mg once a day and that seemed to help for a while, but after a while it stopped working. Almost three weeks ago I started taking minocycline at 100 mg twice a day. The dermatologist said that stronger dosage would really help after I've been taking for a few months. I've also been keeping up with my routine of use the Proactive products, and it doesn't really help or make my skin worse. It seems like it has just been about the same. I also get facials and extractions every few months to unclog my pores and get those whiteheads out which does help but they just start to comeback after a few weeks. It doesn't help that I have naturally oily skin which I do my best to control. I heard of a laser treatment called Acleara that seems like it would be great to try. Any suggestions about other acne treatments and products that are out there would be of great help and much appreciated. Thank you!