I am 18 and am a 34 G cup size. i am 5'8" and 140 lbs. I would like a breast reduction to a d. what do you think?

  • desertflower92
  • Columbia, SC
  • 3 years ago

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I say go for it! I am 42 and now seriouly ready. I waited bc I was worried about scars. I wish I did it earlier it would have have given me more confidnece and. Freedom
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If you asking if that's a good size to aim for, I agree. If your asking if you should have the surgery, only you can decide that because if all the risks involved. But, there's no hurry. Your young and many changes will occur in the next several years, especially if you plan to have children. I always knew since your age, that I wanted to have a reduction. I waited until I was done having kids. Then, you end up close the the size you want to be long term, with the bonus of living with a nice lift until gravity pulls them down again.
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I say that if you are uncomfortable with your breasts then you should go and have three consults for the reduction.  Only you will know when you are ready.  Ask your questions, communicate with the doctor and make your plans.  Take your time in choosing a doctor..this is the most important step. 

If you are having back, neck and shoulder pain then this may be the way to go.
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