Is 1500CC Too Much to put in Each Cheek? I'm Big Boned

  • NikkiNyce
  • USA
  • 1 year ago

Im going to Wendell Perry MD in miami and he is charging 7k to have fat come from my ab, flanks and back, totalling 1500 cc's. Is that too much  I've seen 1075 which looks good but the person was smaller. any help or pics ? please help

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Hi there, Welcome!

You said the total fat he will be removing is 1500CC. Is he sharing that between both cheeks, or will he be harvesting more and putting 1500 in each cheek?

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1500 in each cheek
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He Will spread some over my.hips too
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1500CC per cheek seems a lot to me, personally. However, I haven't had this procedure so I'm not speaking from experience. Have you taken a look through the other BBL reviews? You may be able to find someone with similar wants to your own.

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Yes I've seen.some pics,they don't look to extreme but I'm still researching. Thnx
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