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I am 13 days postop.took the stiches out today.

  • deb44tt
  • 2 years ago

I was wondering how much is swelling and if i will be skinner then this as time goes by. i think i was a bigger girl.i was 188pounds 5-8  when i went in and he said he didnt do lipo.He said i didnt need there any one like me that can tell me how theirs went.did you use ice at the end of the day.just some do and dont from here.THANKS DEB

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Oh for sure, you are so early into the healing process. It is going to take 6 months to a year to be fully healed and all swelling gone. At 13 days post op you are at the height of your swelling. Just think every day is better and sudden changes at least for me would happen. I would be super swollen for a week and then I would wake up and be much less swollen. I did get lipo of the flanks and muscle repair. I am currently 7 weeks post op and the swelling is much better. I didn't use ice just a heat pack on my back for soreness. I have heard good an bad about the ice pack so I just stayed away from it especially since I was numb I didn't want to freeze my belly and not know it. If you get too swollen just try to take it easy and sit with your legs up. I used the miraclesuit spanx typ garment after 2 weeks and I think that helped me a lot. It was much better and squeezing everything together more than the velcro binder I had after surgery. I hope this helps!