11 years of bad health but thankfully I am living again

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  • 1 year ago

I could not complete the journey I have been on the past 12 years without sharing my story in the hopes it may help someone else from losing so much of their life to illness.  I received my textured, saline implants in September of 2000.  Eleven months later I started having health issues.  Since I did not have an infection, leakage or inflamation in the implants they were ruled out as a cause of my health problems. 

The past 11 years have been full of illness, doctor and specialist visits, an unbelievable amount of tests, and extremely high medical bills in which my health just continued to get worse to the point that I could not go anywhere or enjoy any activity without getting sick.  This summer I visited a surgeon for a consult to have my implants removed, enough was enough.  Getting healthy was more important than looking good.  I searched out two surgeons to get two recommendations.  The first surgeon informed me that I had capsular contractur and wanted to remove the existing implants, perform a capsolotomy, insert smaller silicone implants and do a mastopexy.  This did not at all seem like it was going to take care of my health situation. 

The second surgeon informed me that my textured implants have been found to have many problems associated with them including rippling, capsular contractur, and even breaking down (flaking) inside women's bodies.  He felt very strongly this could be the cause of my illness.  He removed both implants, all 18" of scar tissue, DID NOT insert new implants, and did do a mastopexy. 

After recovering from the surgery, I am so happy to say that my health has been greatly improving.  I was able to spend three weeks with my daughter welcoming my new granddaughter into this world and even enjoyed all the family Christmas parties which last year sent me into a tail spin of illnesses that put me in the hospital.  I hope that my story may help anyone who has been experiencing health issues since receiving implants.  My body was rejecting and reacting to the silicone shell lining of the implant.  It didn't matter if the implants were saline or silicone, the lining is silicone and some bodies just can't adjust to that type of poison being in the body.

  ~Happy to be Living Again!!