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11 Weeks Post Op when Did You Stop Wearing Spanx Daily and to Work Out???

  • lizinohio
  • Loveland, OH
  • 2 years ago

HI all I am 11 weeks post op tummy tuck with mr today and did gradually stop wearing my spanx for a while during the day but got sick and needed it for all of the coughing and sneezing. Anyway when did you all stop wearing spanx when exercising?? I am afraid to give it up. I am now starting again to give it up during the day and do see a difference in swelling.(swelling more) I would like to try to stop wearing it to exercise but am afraid. Any input would be great!

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Thanks! I am still wearing to workout, not sure when I will stop that one lol!! I am getting through the day better without it but it sure feels wierd, and I am still wearing it to bed at night. I just like the compfort with it on but I think it is because I have worn it for so long and I am just used to it. One of these days I'll wake up and go all day without swelling, I can't wait!!:-)
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I'm 8 weeks post op and doctor told me I could stop wearing spanx at anytime. I don't sleep in them and have stopped wearing to work most days. Still wearing for workouts, but to your point, it feels better. I trust that all is OK and it's about personal comfort. I won't ruin anything if I don't wear it, but for now, wearing it just feels better. Let your body tell you what is best.
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