11 Days Enough Recovery?

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I'm am seriously considering a TT but have limited time off of work. In fact, I would have a total of 11 full days to recover. I do makeup in television, which entails quite a bit of walking around and up and down movements. I am 40 years old and in very good shape (just have sagging skin from kids). But after looking through these forums, I'm beginning to think this would be very unrealistic and not at all possible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I think I'm kind of in denial about how painful it really will be!

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I am a dental asst, so up and down most of the day. I went back on day 10. I did fine, I did have some swelling, but my coworkers understood and let me sit and rest as I needed. I was fairly fit before, and even so was exhausted after work for the first 3 weeks.
I agree with Kimmers. After reading many TT stories and posting my own, I appear to be one of the lucky few who was able to get back to work quickly and even I had stamina issues until my Day 19.

As fit as I am and as fast as I healed, I needed almost 3 weeks to really be running full steam at work.

You only get one chance to heal properly, try to get at least 15-21 days off.

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If you have a job where you are on your feet and moving around a bunch then 11 days would really be pushing it.  The first two weeks you should do nothing but rest with minimal activity. 

I am afraid you may run into problems going back full speed at 11 days post op.   You really need to baby yourself for the first two weeks and then be cautious up until 6 weeks.  This is a major abdominal surgery which required adequate time to heal.

Each person if different with the pain, swelling and bounce back levels but it still hurts.  I highly recommend a minimum of two full weeks off work and three weeks if you are able to arrange it.

Even people in the best of shape can struggle with this recovery.  You only get one chance to recover and heal properly so please make sure you have the time to take before jumping into this procedure.